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There are too many unqualified people holding technical leadership positions. Why? Because technical leaders tend to make 3 Critical Mistakesthat cost them promotion, prestige, and power

Learn How To Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Misunderstood at work

Frustrated with inept bosses

Struggle to communicate with non-technical peers

You know you're good... so why aren't you further ahead?

Why Should You Take a Leadership Bootcamp?

You're at the top of your game as a scientist, mathematician, engineer, technologist, programmer or developer, yet the promotions pass you by. Or worse, you're promoted but then quickly fired for reasons you don't understand.

Many technical leaders were given leadership roles because they were the best of the best... but leadership is a separate skillset. One that can be learned! This course quickly equips you with time-tested tools and strategies for quickly building rapport with non-technical peers, subordinates, and leaders. This distinct advantage elevates your career as not only an outstanding worker, but as an outstanding LEADER.

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What If You Could Improve Just 1%

What if you could improve 1% every month... every week... or even every day? How would that improve your:

  • Performance at Work
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • INNER-personal Relationship (i.e. with yourself)
  • Health and Stamina
  • Financial Fitness and Flow

Get Certified

Our train-the-trainer program will help you help others, and is available to all who have completed the Empowered Technical Leader Bootcamp

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quotClient Success Stories


I used to struggle with explaining the value of my team's research in terms that other non-technical directors could understand. The strategies I've learned in The Empowered Technical Leader made such a difference that I've successfully acquired $21M in funding for my team - and retained that additional for 3 years.

Sarwar S.

Branch Chief


As a woman of color in the tech leadership space, it was difficult to constantly have to prove that I belonged at the table. JJ introduced me to a powerful coaching technique that allowed me to quickly build consensus among my peers and subordinates, increases collaboration, and build a highly-performing team

Martha B.

Director of Technology

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I used to get really frustrated with the other generations in my workplace, until The Empowered Technical Leader showed me how to find common ground with Gen X, Boomers, and Traditionalists. Now I'm my boss's right hand man, instead of his scapegoat.

Ashton P.



It was tough for me to give coaching a try because it seemed too "fluffy" and not enough "factual." I took JJ's course after being removed from my director position and placed in a "one-deep" slot. JJ's Bootcamp showed me that it was no fault of my own that I lost my leadership role: I simply hadn't been trained to lead. I have been promoted twice and now make my division and branch chiefs take this course.

Alisa D.

Department Chief "inside the beltway"